Kyra Neto


Mrs. Neto comes to the AIS program with a gift to teach. A former fire captain from Chico, this hometown girl returns to her roots. Her lesson plans include elements of art for grades K-8th. She offers multi-cultural based art sessions that include storytelling and music. Look for art from around the globe when you take advantage of what Kyra has to offer.


For your convenience each Artists has provided us with a supply list. This is a list of preferred items needed to make your residency a success.  Please feel free to contact the artist directly at the number provided on your contract to discuss any supply issues. The items listed below can be purchaced from NASCO supply in Modesto (209) 545-1600 or online at

NOTE: All Artists require a cart to trasnport supplies from room to room throughout the day.


Item Number                      Materials                                                                  Price       

9727104          White Sulphite paper 12”x18”    1 ream for every 2 classes                   $23.75        

9715267              Nasco white bristle assortment 216 brushes                                       105.95         

9724087          6 ea. Nasco Country school 8-color tempura block & palette                 11.90 ea.  

9713652          Sakura CrayPas junior artist colorpak oil pastel, 432-set                         35.50     

9714248A       Super Sharpie bold fine pt. marker 1 per student (class set)                      1.36 ea   


Please have cart to transport supplies from class to class*

The artist will take pastels, tempura, brushes and Sharpies with her to each class.

                                          1 paper grocery bag per student 

Classroom items to be used:




Black construction paper

Big plastic water cups for painting

CD player