Mario Tejada

 Mr. Tejada is a bilingual artist with a passion  to teach. His lessons encourage students to study the concepts and techniques of art. They learn color, shape and composition through mixed medias. His program includes activities and themes that promote creativity. Mario has a steller reputation with the AIS program, expect to be on a waiting list if you are not in his rotation.



For your convenience each Artists has provided us with a supply list. This is a list of preferred items needed to make your residency a success.  Please feel free to contact the artist directly at the number provided on your contract to discuss any supply issues. The items listed below can be purchaced from NASCO supply in Modesto (209) 545-1600 or online at


NOTE: All Artists require a cart to trasnport supplies from

room to room throughout the day.







  30 Richeson 6 color tempera blocks with palette

   $4.46 each


  1 Royal brush set – 216 brushes



  3 Sakura Cray-Pas Junior Artist color pack

   $35.45 each


Classroom items to be used:

Paper, school grade, 11” x 17” (one per student per classes)  Glue  Scissors  

Construction paper all colors   Masking tape (1 roll)  Big plastic water cups  CD Player